About Us

About us

The New Generation Multifunctional Center started its activity as a "New Generation" Professional College. It was founded as a passionate investment of the brothers Tafaj. Openly based on time requirements in terms of raising the standard in hairdressing and esthetics, services in these areas are set up on a scientific and contemporary level.

After applying to the MoES, the establishment of the College was made by the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 798, dated 22.07.2009, where it was allowed to open the first cycle of Bsc study program in Esthetic-Curative Massage.

VKM No. 440, dated 09.06.2010, opened two two-year programs: "Advanced Esthetics" and "Advanced Hairdressing".

All study programs were developed based on the principles of Bologna and according to the most recognized European experience. The student's work is equivalent to the corresponding credits. Each academic year has 60 credits (ECTS) and at least 1500 hours of student work, which allows the transfer of studies.

In 5 years of history with the structure of a Professional College, "New Generation" has had a strategic goal to deepen its scientific and professional teaching methods based on the qualities of a local and foreign staff, with titles and scientific degrees.

In 2014, due to the fact that the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth drafted the Full Law on Vocational Education of Young People, "New Generation" found maximum adaptation in this Ministry with profound professional programs, but with a much higher aim , that of being closer to the labor market. This would better serve the interests of young people by transforming the New Generation Professional College into a Multifunctional Center.

This clear vision of "New Generation" and relationships with other institutions at home and abroad, such as art, fashion and esthetic centers, will continue to give priority to students and all young people's ability to face the labor market.





2019 Graduation

Education in New Generation, gives value to your profession!

Our Mission

The "New Generation" Center, in all its activities, has a mission:

  1. Professionally prepare senior specialists in the fields they cover, through high quality teaching and professional practice.
  2. To develop vocational education.


  • Comfortable working space for students and contemporary didactic tools.
  • The study programs are fully compiled according to the requirements of the Bologna Charter. This implies that the subjects / modules are accompanied by credits, lessons, at the auditor and outside it.
  • Study programs are designed according to the best European experience. Students acquire knowledge and professional skills of a very high level.
  • The academic staff has been selected to offer not only his experience, but also the best professional and civic ethics. Students in our school will always feel in a welcoming and cooperative environment.
  • "New Generation" organizes various training activities with foreign professionals (from Italy)
  • "New Generation" has intensive and direct institutional cooperation with centers and beauty salons, to create internships and employment opportunities for students during and after graduation.

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Rruga e Dibrës, mbrapa Komisariatit Nr. 4, Rezidenca Tower Bridge, Kulla 3, Tiranë