At the "New Generation" Multifunctional Center, boundary shaping issues, set by pedagogues with scientific titles and years of experience reading this training as much to train tires professionally. Vocational training courses, be created by lecturers who are able to study tire studies in Europe, sending students what they aspire to, the Western format. Foreign lecturers in vocational training, have a higher frequency of teaching lessons in the form of lectures and practical classes The New Generation Multifunctional Center has dedicated these academically appropriate things with the aim of forming a professional and translation of students. The combination of local and foreign lecturers provides an education with a pronounced European trend. Synchronize the younger generation for the purpose of life with academic staff viewing it as a guarantee of serving a tradition of mission accomplishment.

Arben Tafaj
Business ManagementArben Tafaj
Evis Sinojmeri
Advanced HairdressingEvis Sinojmeri
Cosmetic chemistryPROF. SPIRO DRUSHKU
Dr. Endrit Mone
Aesthetic Physiotherapy DepartmentDr. Endrit Mone
Jonida Kalemaj
Nail ArtJonida Kalemaj
Dr. Erinda Kola
Medicine / DermatologyDr. Erinda Kola

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