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New Generation continually contributes as a dignified mediator between students and the job market, already with the Office for: Information / Employment / Career / Lifelong Learning operating within the school!

Her duties:

Information: On labor market requirements for all levels of training based on statistics collected from contacts with centers and salons.

Employment: Mediation between Aesthetic Centers, Salons and our students, in order to employ them. This has worked in Tirana, other cities of Albania. At the top of the list are students who have maximized intership. Priority is also given to students from needy classes.

Career: Responds to requests from successfully hired former students, to rise to the top, to the most luxurious centers or to provide consultancy and support in opening their own private businesses.

Lifelong training: Consists of providing new information, short-term specializations, up-to-date technology to former students.

Office for: Information / Employment / Career / Lifelong Learning

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